Can I lose my virginity if I ride a horse?

Can we imagine a mother or father who forbids her daughter to ride horses for fear that the saddle or the impact will make her lose her virginity? It certainly seems strange to think about these recommendations, however, there are myths about it, so much so that even a religious group - in the voice of Ayatollah Khamenei, the top leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran - has recently prohibited the use of bicycles by its young women for considering that this “demonic” object makes them lose their precious purity.


The concept of virginity no longer has the recommendations or prohibitions of yesteryear, at least in these parts of the West. It is the young women who can decide to have sexual relations according to their wishes. And I say having sexual relations and not "losing virginity" because that should be the concept: living sexuality with another, and not complying with a rigid and patriarchal precept that still represents, an "act of initiation".


Hymens can be worn down during everyday activities, a flexible, fimbriated hymen could, in theory, be worn down potentially just by walking in a certain way.


Anything that exerts pressure on your crotch in a certain way can cause the hymen to become thinner. That is to say that the hymen isn’t a tissue that’s only prone to be damaged by sexual activities. Some females can be born without hymens while others can have hymens that don’t properly cover the vaginal opening. The sexual activity would not damage the such hymen

Anyway, in any reasonable society, the loss of virginity is associated with the initiation of sexual activity. It isn’t the breaking of the hymen that’s supposed to constitute the loss of virginity.


What is the hymen?

The hymen is a flexible, fragile membrane that incompletely covers the entrance to the vagina. It is an embryological residue of the cloacal membrane, rich in connective and elastic fibers. This favors dilation in the case of using tampons and allows the passage of menstruation. The most common is that the hymen has a central or lateral hole and this is its innate conformation. In some cases this tissue is thickened and "covers" the entrance to the vagina, in others it has partitions or multiple holes, but in most girls, it is flexible and has typical perforations, therefore the hymen may be perforated before any sexual intercourse. 


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