Your equestrian padded underwear

My Riding Underwear, Your Comfort and Protection


Bacteriostatic treatment, rapid transpiration, high elasticity and shock absorption – the secrets to healthy riding.


No need to shift your position in order to make your time in a saddle more comfortable.


Perfectly placed, discreet padding, elasticity, coverage and durability.

Comfort or Light Pad?

Both pads protect you from saddle impact and friction. Difference between them? Thickness. Comfort pad provides extra protection against physical trauma. It is perfect for those long hours in the saddle and for already existing health conditions. Light pad's main purpose is to prevent unwanted symptoms of pain and discomfort. It is perfect to use during the summer and it works well with riding leggings.

My Riding Underwear Community

"Great underwear for horse riding! Now I can't ride without them! Feel so comfortable and love the style and colours. 100% advisable!"

Sonia Muñoz Gil
Madrid, Spain

I never knew I needed them until I tried them. We riders are used to endure many things but discomfort in the intimate area shouldn't be one of them. For me it isn't anymore!

Dora Cremades Gage

My Riding Underwear has helped me to ride much more comfortable in every way!

Paula Puente Usle
Madrid, Spain

I am a professional rider and this product has really improved my daily routine

Sergio Garcia

The fabric is very resilient and fits nicely to the body. Won't have trouble with chafing while riding anymore!

Blanca de Toledo
Madrid, Spain

Because as a friend, you get privileges!

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