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"Great underwear for horse riding! Now I can't ride without them! Feel so comfortable and love the style and colours. 100% advisable!"

Sonia Muñoz Gil – Madrid, Spain

"I never knew I needed them until I tried them. We riders are used to endure many things but discomfort in the intimate area shouldn't be one of them. For me it isn't anymore!"

Dora Cremades Gage – Germany

"My Riding Underwear has helped me to ride much more comfortable in every way!"

Paula Puente Usle – Madrid, Spain

"I am a professional rider and this product has really improved my daily routine."

Sergio Garcia – Netherlands

"The fabric is very resilient and fits nicely to the body. Won't have trouble with chafing while riding anymore!"

Blanca de Toleda – Madrid, Spain

Comfort or Light Pad?

Are you a Retail Shop?

My Riding Underwear is also sold directly to our customers through wonderfull Equestrian Stores like yours.

Get in contact with Diana, our Sales Manager to know more about our retail contracts.


Maximum Coverage
& Protection

Our Pads Light and Comfort are the best choice for professional riders. Let them elevate your riding experience.