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About MRU

  • What makes you different from other brands?

    Padding, its placement, coverage, protection, type of fabric the fact that we really care. MRU was actually founded because Daniela, the owner of MRU,  was not able to find the product that would meet all her expectations. She tried them all and decided that enough was enough: she will develop her own underwear and use all her knowledge and experience to make it perfect.

  • Where and how is My Riding Underwear produced?

    We are a small private business and we believe that it is important to support other private businesses and our local community. That’s why all the materials we choose are made entirely in Spain and Italy. All of the designs are hand made: cut and sewed, in a small workshop in Barcelona, Spain. Our wonderful seamstresses are experts in their craft, they put the ‘Q’ in the ‘Quality’ and a little bit of love to every piece of garment they make.

  • Is MRU eco-friendly?

    We are getting there. Our packaging is entirely biodegradable and eco-friendly. Additionally, we are working on the ECO line made of high performance yarns obtained from the recycling of PET bottles. We are a new brand and we know that there is always room for improvement. Be sure that performance and ecology were, are and always will be the values guiding our choices. We care for our planet. As far as we know, it is the only one that actually has horses.

  • Do you use MRU yourself?

    Yes, of course, we do! Daniela, the founder of MRU, usually rides in Panties Comfort.

About the product

  • Do I need special underwear for riding?

    Absolutely YES, no matter whether you are a professional or an amateur rider. Our padded underwear does not only protect you from physical trauma but, due to its bacteriostatic properties, rapid transpiration and high elasticity, can also prevent riding-related health conditions such as UTIs and saddle sore. What's more, increasing your general riding comfort has a huge impact on your riding technique. No need to shift your position in order to make your time in a saddle more comfortable. Sit back and relax, MRU is here to help.

  • What is My Riding Underwear made of??

    The underwear fabric: 81% Polyamide and 19% Elastane, while our Pads: 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane.

  • How to take care of My Riding Underwear?

    For better maintenance of the garment, we recommend washing it immediately after use. It is perfectly fine to toss it into a washing machine. Simply remember only to wash at low temperatures, avoid aggressive detergents, softeners, bleach, whitening products, and dry cleaning. If remembering all of this or checking laundry symbols on a label gives you headaches, just call your mamma. She will know how to handle it.

  • Why haven’t I heard about the riding underwear or the equestrians health issues before?

    We ask ourselves the same question. Based on our experience and research, we came up with three reasons:

    1. Most riders suffer in silence. They are too shy or simply ashames to talk about their intimate health issues with a specialist or fellow riders. They don’t realize how common those issues are. Some may think that there’s nothing they can do about the pain and discomfort, while actually, all the side effects are easily preventable and treatable.

    2. Lack of information. Have you heard about padded shorts/underwear for cyclists? Of course, you have. They are as common as riding helmets. Countless studies prove the negative effects a bike saddle has on cyclists’ intimate areas. What about horseback riders? The friction and impact our bodies make with the saddle are much more severe than those of the cyclists, yet there are hardly any studies or articles to be found online.

    3. Horseback riding is a team sport. Two athletes participating: the horse and the rider. We tend to take much more care of our beloved horses than we take care of ourselves. We often ignore our needs and even our intimate health. If your horse could speak and knew you suffer, what do you think he/she would tell you? Take care of yourself, Karen. I need you!

About the Pads

  • What is the difference between Light and Comfort Pad?

    Both pads protect you from saddle impact and friction. Difference between them? Thickness and length. Comfort pad (2-15 mm, 14x23 cm) provides extra protection against physical trauma. It is perfect for those long hours in the saddle and for already existing health conditions. Light (2-6 mm, 19x26 cm) pad's main purpose is to prevent unwanted symptoms of pain and discomfort. It is perfect to use during the summer and it works well with riding leggings.

  • Does the pad wear off with time?

    One of the key features of polyurethane foam is its resilience, which identifies the loss of load-bearing capacity over time: a good foam does not flatten with use, as it preserves its flexibility and resistance. In other words, if you follow the care instructions, MRU should live a long, happy life.

  • What is a Perforation System used in the Pads?

    Breathability is one of the main variables that make our pads more comfortable and efficient than any other pads available on the market. We use pads with foam Perforation System, holes of varying diameters, to always provide you with the right support and maximum breathability.

  • Is the Pad visible from the outside?

    Pad Light is completely invisible and discreet. Due to its thickness, Comfort Pad may be slightly visible on the outside- in Briefs more than in the Panties where padding is nearly invisible. Unlike our competitors though, we placed our Pads ONLY in the saddle affected area and thus eliminated the all-buttocks-covering bulky look.

Sport performance

  • How padded underwear can improve your riding performance?

    No need to shift your position in order to make your time in a saddle more comfortable. Without negatively affecting the saddle-body contact, My Riding Underwear takes away possible discomfort and pain so you can focus on your technique and achieve better results. My Riding Underwear is designed to spread the pressure evenly through the Pad. It can help you to:

    -Get a better seat, free from discomfort and pain,
    -Enjoy horseback riding even more
    -Focus on improving your riding technique
    -Avoid back problems (both you and your horse!)
    -Avoid intimate health problems

  • Does the padded underwear have an impact on the horse?

    Padded underwear may even influence on your horse’s health because a tecnique vice or a wrong seat of the rider will mean that there’s asymmetry and it can place uneven pressures on the back of your horse. This pressure points will lead to muscle soreness


  • Is it normal to experience pain and discomfort in my intimate area while riding?

    No matter whether you are a professional or an amateur rider, it is completely normal, and surprisingly common (2 out of 3 riders!), to experience pain and discomfort in your most delicate zone even after a short ride. Your entire perineal area, genitals, ischium bone, as well as, some major nerves and vessels of your body, are constantly affected by repeated friction your body makes with the saddle.

  • Can riding negatively influence my body, apart from my intimate zone?

    “Sometimes, in a form of protection, equestrians tend to subconsciously shift their position while riding to reduce the effects of friction, however, they end up doing worse to their body. By repositioning their body, they are risking the normal curvature of their spine. The normal curvature of our vertebral column is designed so that there are two forward curves (normal lordosis) seen in the cervical and lumbar region, and two backward curves (normal kyphosis) seen in the thoracic and sacral region. If this normal curvature of disturbed, it can lead to back problems and backaches at the end of the day. It can also cause nerve damage, impairing the motor function of the arms and legs.” Dr. Sannia Iqbal

  • How can MRU help me improve my intimate health while riding?

    Bacteriostatic treatment, rapid transpiration and high elasticity are the secrets to healthy riding. My Riding Underwear protects you from physical trauma and other riding-related health issues such as saddle Paresthesia and UTIs.

  • What are the effects of horseback riding in the intimate health?

    Except from pain and discomfort, common equestrian intimate health issues are: Saddle sore, Saddle Paresthesia, Loss of sensitivity, Urinary Tract Infections (Female Riders), Prostate Enlargement (Male Riders) and Urinary Incontinence.

  • Can I lose genital sensitivity while riding?

    Regardless of gender, one of the possible consequences of saddle paresthesia (tingling and numbness sensation) is a complete loss of sensitivity in the intimate area. Those who suffer from such sexual dysfunction, although able to physically perform, may not be able to feel sexual stimulation.

About the order

  • How to choose a perfect design?

    It is entirely up to you. Think about how much time do you spend in the saddle and what kind of problems do you usually experience. If you suffer from saddle sore, skin irritation caused by chafing and sweating, think about where does it usually occur. If it goes down to your tights, Briefs (for ladies) and Boxers (for gentlemen) would be the best choice for you. If this information helps you, Daniela, the founder of MRU, usually rides in Panties Comfort.

  • How to choose the correct size?

    Step 1: Measure your waist
    Wrap the tape snugly, but without cinching, around your natural waistline, which is located above your belly button and below your rib cage (if you can’t find it, bend to the side, the crease that forms is your natural waistline.) Don’t suck in your stomach, stand straight and voila!
    Step 2: Measure your hips
    Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your buttocks. Because making sure the tape is level back there can be hard, try to do it in front of a mirror. The tape measure should be snug and parallel to the floor. We are all done.

  • How long does shipping take?

    Our products are shipped from Madrid, Spain by Turylogistics Co. For National orders (Spain) delivery time varies between 24 - 72h.

    International Shipping: European Comunity: Between 4 and 8 days, Rest of Europe: Between 5 and 9 days, Rest of the World: Between 7 to 15 days                            

  • Can I return my order?

    Unfortunately, because of hygienic and logistic reasons, it is not possible to return your underwear once it had been delivered. Please make sure to check the size charts before placing your order and, of course, do not hesitate to contact us via email (support@myridingunderwear.com) to let us know about any doubts, questions or problems you may have. We would do our best to find the best solution.