About My Riding Underwear

Providing equestrians with the perfect undergarment. Taking care of riders' health and comfort so they can follow their passion.

My Riding Underwear offers equestrian padded underwear for both amateur and professional riders. It is designed to minimize discomfort, painful skin irritations, rubbing, chafing, abrasions and riding-related health issues.

It does not only protect you from physical trauma, but also, due to its bacteriostatic properties, rapid transpiration and high elasticity, can prevent other health conditions such as UTIs.

Pursuing your passion does not have to be painful or uncomfortable. Let us take care of you.

  • 2 pads to fit your riding needs: Light and Comfort
  • 3 stylish designs: Briefs and Panties for women, Boxers for men
  • 3 color variations: deep blue, wine red and classy white
  • Perfectly placed, discreet padding covering the whole saddle-impact area
  • High-quality, bacteriostatic materials from Spain and Italy
  • Rapid transpiration with Perforation System
  • High elasticity and resilience 
  • Flat-felled seams
  • Tested by riders
  • Handmade with love in Spain



It all starts with a touch

“I can’t lie. I love horses. Horse riding has been the greatest joy of my life ever since I sat in the saddle for the first time. Only equestrians truly understand the magical bond of trust and connection between the rider and the horse. After years of training and dedication, I managed to turn my passion into a lifestyle and become a professional rider competing on the European arena.

While riding I often experienced discomfort and pain in my intimate area. At times it became so intense, that I could not enjoy pursuing my passion any more. I thought I was alone, but as I did my research on the problem, I found out that 2 out of 3 equestrians deal with the same issues! I was shocked! I spent several months researching, talking to other riders and consulting my findings with doctors and physiotherapists. I tried out various products available on the market and finally came up with My Riding Underwear. Perfectly padded, comfortable and fully reliable. 

I started working on my underwear in order to solve my own problem. The more I worked on, read and spoke about it, the more I realized that this small piece of garment can be a true life changer not only for me, but also for other equestrians, amateurs, as well as professional athletes around the world.”


Daniela Vidaurre Puente
Founder and CEO of MRU