5 reasons why riding padded underwear is important for beginners and non-horse owners

Hello everyone, I am Jasmin from @teampuppenkiste - a new member of the MRU family. Unlike Daniela and some other team members, I am not a professional rider, or even a good rider. I started riding three years ago when I was 24 years old and am proud to tell you that I managed to ride my first entry level dressage competitions this year! I do not have my own horse but three amazing shared / lease horses. Today I want to share with you why MRU is really important for beginners & non-horse owners.

1. You just started & the challenges are huge

When you are a beginner like me, you know how overwhelming it feels. Trying to control your feet, your hands, look up, keep your horse in the pace you want it and trying not to kill your trainer in the middle of the arena. Multitasking should be defined by riders – there is just SO MUCH to think about and do simultaneously. And just when you think you get it, you forget the outside reign. Imagine taking away one of the million things – how your intimate area feels. Not trying to sit differently or secretly move your underwear back to where it belongs. With MRU, everything is in place and trust me, you will not even think about it when riding!

2. Not knowing whom to ask about intimate health

Most late beginners and non-horse owners do not come from horse families. Also, when you start riding in your 20s like me, you do not have a huge circle of childhood friends who spent ages at the stable with you. So when I started getting problems in my intimate areas, I did not know any person well enough to ask about it. As much as I love my grouchy 65-year old trainer, he is just not the right one. Or all the pretty girls who look better on a horse than I look in a bar – no way I am telling them about it. Reading about MRU showed me that I was not alone, and nor are you. We are here to talk and trust me, no one will notice you wearing MRU.

3. It improves the way you sit on a horse

As soon as I started wearing MRU, I stopped sitting in a weird way to avoid pain or friction burns. So I started sitting much more upright, being able to feel the horse’s movement. Not having my own horse, I am constantly dependent on what horse owners think of me – using MRU to improve your posture is just such an easy win!

4. Riding different horses

As a beginner and non-horse owner, you often have the chance to ride different horses. It is a huge chance to learn a lot, but can also be a challenge as they all move differently. One of my key challenges was learning how to sit the trot on one of my lease horses – a dapple grey jumping horse with way too much momentum for me to stay in the saddle. Wearing MRU helps me to adjust to different horses quicker, and balance out some unforeseen movements.

5. Not being responsible for the saddle

If you do not own a horse yourself, you are dependent on others to lend you their horses. But they are not just lending the horse, but also the entire tack equipment. That includes a saddle and believe me, I have been given some really hard and uncomfortable saddles. They may fit the individual horse well but not your bottom. So I am really glad for having an extra layer provided by MRU to protect my intimate area from unnecessary friction and bounces.

So to all the beginner girls out there – it is okay to be bad at riding. Everyone started at some point. But it should not be okay to be in pain…

Lots of love from Germany!

Jasmin x



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