DIY: Christmas wreath for your horse

You have probably seen beautiful pictures of horses with a decorated fir wreath around their necks. I have been looking at them enthusiastically for years and this year I decided that I would like to take some myself. As I am only moderately talented in craftsmanship, I got my grandparents to help me, but it was super easy! Everyone can do it on their own and it should not take longer than an hour.

Preparation & what you need

I made the wreath from artificial fir so that it would last longer. For this I bought an artificial fir garland, which was 5.8m long. This gave me enough material for three wreaths to fit an average horse. So you should allow about 2m garland for each wreath, less for ponies and more for larger horses. You also need baubles - here it is very important that they are made of plastic! Finally, you need threads to tie the baubles (I used curtain threads) and pliers to bend the garland.

  • First cut the fir garland to the right length. If you are not sure about the length, you can measure the blanket cut from your horse with a tape measure and take the length.
  • Now comes the most difficult part of the wreath: You bend a hook with the pliers from the artificial garland. This is important so that the horse does not have to have the garland pulled over its head and in an emergency the garland can be taken off quickly. Here you just have to try a little bit - I'm sure you can do it!
  • Afterwards you hang the wreath up in a similar way to how it will be on a horse. Over a chair, a door etc. And then you can easily start fixing the baubles. I used long threads to make it easier to attach them and cut them off afterwards. Theoretically you can also use wire, but it is very important that you twist the ends well so that the horse cannot hurt itself.
  • When all the baubles are in place, arrange the fir branches in the most beautiful way possible. This is another advantage of artificial fir branches - the wire allows you to bend them into shape and then they stay that way.

Ta-da - now your Christmas wreath is ready! For the perfect photo, just find a dark alley at the stable with the horse looking out into the light. This way you can easily get the black background. Alternatively, a forest or a snowy landscape looks very nice too.

                                       Christmas wreath for your horse

Have fun - I am looking forward to seeing the results!

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