6 Reasons Why Girls Ride with Boxers

Each person is different: while some women put in a good word thong underwear, others maintain that high-waisted underwear is the best. Yet there’s an out-of-the-ordinary underwear option that many women turn to for ultimate comfort and adaptability: men's boxers! Exactly, many girls wear boxers these days instead of classic women's underwear for many reasons.
I’ve loved riding in boxers for years, and even more, if they are padded. It’s like wearing boxers but made to fit my body as a woman. Stay with me to find out why many women are riding in Boxers underwear today, and to learn more about what makes the boy shorts style the ultimate high-coverage, high-comfort underwear choice for female riders. 




1. Female riders wear boxers because they provide extra coverage. 

They provide higher coverage than any other women’s underwear choice. I love wearing boxers knowing that it shields everything from the hip to the mid-thigh, yet of what they wear on top. 


4. Female riders wear boxers to eliminate chafing and wedgies. 

For riders who can’t despise tight or form-fitting underwear, this makes boxers a no-brainer. With a length that prolongs midway down the leg and fully covers the butt, boxers refuse many of the burdens linked with uttermost women’s underwear. Many women deal with uncomfortable chafing when riding with more conventional female underwear, especially between the upper thighs. And of course, we’ve all dealt with annoying wedgies from underwear that rides up. Now you can protect your thighs while riding from irritating chafing while eradicating the risk of wedgies.


5. Female riders wear boxers for extra warmness and coziness. 

Some women exclusively wear boxers seasonally, in fall and winter as a matter of extra coziness. Most women’s underwear is thin and small, particularly compared to boxers. Riding in boxers during cold weather is a super way to add another layer under your clothing. Even better, they are also airy enough that you won’t get overly hot or sweaty. It’s a perfect harmony!


Equestrian Underwear

6. Female riders wear boxers to avoid briefs lines.

They prolong far beyond your cheeks and hips, they merge really good under whatever you’re wearing. Next time you’re anxious about the seam of your undies splitting your butt think about trying the Boxer style, will not disappoint you.


In My Riding Underwear, we believe everyone should ride with whatever underwear makes them feel the most comfortable. What matters the most is to be able to focus on your riding with underwear that really supports you and offers you the coverage you need. That's why we created our "Panties", they are based on the short style of men's Boxers but are specially designed for female riders. They are available in two different Pads to protect the intimate area against traumatism and friction. 


Designed by riders for riders, the ultimate comfort!



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